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Traveler Beauty Company is here to make your nails look their best! We specialize in dip manicures and gel manicures, as well as pedicures and creative designs. Visit our salon today to experience how we customize each guests needs, while making them feel comfortable and at home.


Gelly X: $70

(Pre- shaped full coverage press-on nails that is adhered with an LED gel light and last for up to 3 weeks.)

Dip Powder Manicure: $50

(A Russian (dry) manicure is included in this service.)

Manicure with regular Polish: $25

Gel Manicure: $40

Spa Manicure: $50

(Scrub, mask and lotion included with your choice of regular or gel polish.)

Dip Powder with Soak-0ff: $50

(This service is if you already have dip powder on your nails and you need to soak off before you do a new set.)

Kids Manicure with regular polish: $15

Kids Manicure with gel: $30

Add-ons: Starting at $5+

(Examples of Add-ons: Ombre, 1-10 finger design, French manicure etc.)


Traditional Pedicure: $45
(Includes cuticle removal and light callus removal.  Leg and foot scrub and your choice of lotion or oil massage.  Regular polish included, upgrade to gel available.)

Mini Pedicure: $35

(Includes foot scrub, cuticle removal light callus removal.  Regular polish included, upgrade to gel available.)


Kids Pedicure with regular polish: $20


Kids Pedicure with Gel: $30


Dip Powder Manicure and Traditional Pedicure: $95

Gel Manicure and Traditional Pedicure: $85

Dip powder manicure and mini pedicure: $80

Regular Polish Manicure and Traditional Pedicure: $65

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